Circumcision Aftercare Advice

At The AMS Clinic we believe that all patients should be provided with superior levels of care and support and that is why we strive to offer the best circumcision aftercare service we can, providing you with the information needed to ensure that your child can heal and get back to normality as quickly as possible after their operation.

While this is not a major operation, the correct level of care can help to aid recovery and prevent any problems with the wound.

The main complication that is experienced by circumcision patients is bleeding, however, this is in rare occasions and over 99.99% of patients don’t have this problem occur during their recovery period and that is why at The AMS Clinic we ask all of our patients to remain at the clinic for 90 minutes after their operation to allow our specialists to be able to monitor the would over frequent intervals.

It is important to note that once the patient returns home that you continue to monitor the wound as there could well be small spots of blood where the wound touches the nappy which is normal, however, if those spots are large, dark in colour or increasing in size, we ask that for your peace of mind that you contact our 24 hour aftercare support line for review.

If you need to contact our dedicated 24 hour aftercare team, you will be asked to bring your child back to the clinic to allow our doctors to be able to provide you with the care that makes The AMS Clinic the number one choice for circumcisions in Manchester and Bradford.

Hygiene Aftercare

As with any operational wound, keeping the area as clean as possible is vital to ensure that recovery is as quick as possible and to prevent any complications that could occur.

This means that keeping your child’s nappy area as clean and dry as possible is vital and that is why we ask parents to regularly check nappies while the wound is healing, allowing them to be able to cleanse the area thoroughly if it becomes wet or dirty.

No bathing should take place for at 24 hours from the time of the procedure, however, following this time we ask that babies are sat in luke warm water twice a day (morning and evening) to ensure that the wound is kept as clean as possible until the Plastibell ring comes off.

We suggest that parents apply a smearing of petroleum jelly, such as Vaseline, to the front of your baby’s nappy as this will help to prevent the wound from sticking to it or alternatively you can leave the nappy off completely for the first few days of recovery.

Circumcision Wound Aftercare

Taking care of the wound is vital to ensure that recovery is comfortable and straightforward for your baby and this means that parents need to be monitoring the wound throughout a 14 day recovery period.

You should be able to see the bell at all times during recovery and after 4-10 days the Plastibell should drop off, however, should this not occur after 12 days we ask that parents contact the 24 hour aftercare helpline and we will arrange an appointment with a doctor who will aid you from there.

It is important that you observe the wound during all nappy changes to ensure that recovery is happening and while there could be some swelling around the penis, which is normal, there could be a scab that will form where the foreskin has been removed, we ask that you allow this scab to fall off naturally.

Circumcision Infection Aftercare

The AMS Clinic take all appropriate measures to ensure that the wound is clean and cared for during our care, however, we do ask parents continue to provide a clean, dry environment for the wound to be able to heal effectively.

If you feel that the wound could be infected due to the penis becoming tense and a possible discharge, we ask parents to use the 24 hour aftercare telephone number provided to speak to the clinic as your child could require antibiotics to aid their recovery and the clinic will be able to prescribe those for you.

Feeding Aftercare

As circumcisions at The AMS Clinic are done under local anesthetic and not general like at some other clinics, your child can be feed as normal. You should be aware though that he has had a slight shock and this may affect his feeding patterns during the first couple of days of recovery.

Pain Aftercare

Your baby has been given local anesthetic before the operation takes place and this should provide your child with the pain relief that they require during the first couple of days of recovery and while there may be some discomfort that could cause your son to become unsettled, babies feel pain less than adults do.

The doctor will discuss analgesia with you while you are at the clinic and provide you with the advice you need to ensure recovery is as quick and pain-free as possible.

Should your child become unsettled during the recovery period, please do not be afraid to rock or cuddle your baby to reassure them and keep them calm.