What Is Circumcision?

Circumcision is the surgical removal of the foreskin from the penis and can be done with a relatively simple operation that is often undertaken for a variety of reasons, including religion and medical requirement.

The operation is considered to be minor surgery and can be offered to patients with local anesthetic in a clean, safe clinic environment such as those found at any of our AMS Clinic locations in Bradford or Manchester.

As the leading clinic in the Bradford and West Yorkshire region, AMS Clinic offers a superior level of professional surgical and aftercare standard to all of our patients, ensuring that every procedure undertaken is of the highest medical standards.

With the NHS unwilling to perform circumcisions for religious purpose, The AMS Clinic offers a sensational service that allows those looking for the best level of care available in the private clinic sector and we have helped Jewish, Muslim and Christian patients from across the region.

    The Circumcision Procedure at The AMS Clinic

    The AMS Clinic have a team of fully vetted and certified doctors and nurses, United Kingdom graduates who are Urologists, General Practitioners and General Surgeons.

    Our clinics make use of the patented Plastibell® device (made by Hollister Incorporated) for circumcising male infants and young boys. This procedure, developed in the USA, is quick, straightforward and virtually pain-free.

    The Plastibell® procedure is virtually pain-free because it is carried out under local anesthetic and does away with the stitching, dressing and stitch removal normally required by other methods.

    How Long Does the Circumcision Operation take?

    As we use the Plastibell® device for our procedures, a circumcision patient can expect to be at our clinic for one and a half hours, however, the operation itself is considerably shorter than this time.

    The reason that we indicate that patients will be at our clinic for this length of time is that our qualified team of active NHS doctors and nurses will need to access your child to ensure that he is well and suitable for the procedure to be undertaken.

    We also observe your child for one hour of the time that you will be spending at the clinic following the procedure, allowing us to ensure that the procedure has been successful.

    It should be noted that we are unable to perform the procedure if your baby has received his immunisation within one week of your appointment, so we do ask patients to allow 7 days after immunisation before booking your appointment.

    How Much Does Circumcision Cost?

    The AMS Clinic has over 20 years of experience providing circumcision services within the 0 – 2 years age group for medical reasons and for Jewish, Muslim and Christian communities from across the UK. That is why we have become the leading clinic for carrying out the procedure across the region.

    The cost of circumcision depends on the age of your child and can be found below:

    2 Weeks - 6 Months


    6 Months - 9 Months


    9 Months - 2 Years


    2 Years - 3 Years